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The Pour Girl is committed to producing "vineyard to glass", high quality wines. Welcome to our website!

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"Stellar drinkability, balanced and unique" are just a few adjectives that our customers have used to describe our wines. What does your palette say?


Semi Sweet Blanc

Smooth Red Blend

Made exclusively for the true wine lovers.

With every grape, our wines provide a bold delicious flavor. Our wines are truly in a class of their own.
What They Say

Customer Testimonials

Great customer service! The wine taste very good! Not a white wine fan but the blanc is very nice to drink!

Kwame C.


I love the Blanc. It’s got a great nose on it with a fun, fruity flavor as it goes down. I’m ready for more!

Jeremiah W


Complex flavors and not sweet – like a lot Texas wines seem to be. Check out Frisco Fresh Market when she is there!

Angela S

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